Q&A – What’s IN Tarina’s handbag?

You could say children are Tarina Moorfield’s stock and trade.

She’s something of a Pied Piper when it comes to little ones and there are few families in Te Kauwhata or Pokeno who don’t know her.

That’s because Tarina owns Suits and Gumboots Country Daycare in both villages and has lived in Te Kauwhata for 22 years.

Married with three children, she trained as a registered nurse but on switching to early childhood education has found a rewarding niche in the community.

“However, I didn’t entirely give up my links to health. For 17 years I was a volunteer ambulance officer for St John then swapped to the Fire Service in 2013 – I’ve loved both.”
Although always on the go, Tarina still makes time for sport and fitness – she plays netball and is currently training for her third marathon, the Queenstown marathon in November.

“And, when I want to get away from it all, my favourite place in the whole wide world is Rarotonga. Island time is wonderful!”

Between her many responsibilities one might expected Tarina’s bag to be bulging with kiddie things, fire service notes, training schedules and the like but, despite having her fingers in many pies, Tarina remains extremely organised as revealed when we asked her:

What’s in your handbag – Tarina?
Phone, lipstick, sunglasses, hair ties, hair clips, fire service pager, snack bars, hand cream, wallet.

Do you have a favourite style/brand?
I’m not a real label basher but I do like quality when it comes to something I use every day. My handbag is Calvin Klein which I purchased at an outlet shop in Hawaii. Amazing bargains so I couldn’t resist!

Do you prefer a small or large bag? 
I like a practical handbag, so a large one for day to day stuff so I can fit my laptop and diary in and a nice small one for going out on the town, small enough for phone, credit card and lippy.

What items are likely to be found in your bag at any one time?
My Volunteer Fire Service pager and often items I have picked up in the daycare or children have given me!

What can’t you leave home without having in your bag?
Sunglasses and phone.

What’s in there you don’t really need? 
Unchecked lotto tickets, I really should get those checked.

What’s the most embarrassing/funny thing to fall out of your bag? 
I can’t really think about something that has fallen out but I have definitely had some funny things in my bag that I am not willing to reveal!

Sometimes I have so much stuff that I cannot zip it up. Then I end up filling a plastic box with stuff which becomes an extension of my handbag. I eventually clear everything out and go back to just the handbag until I get busy and out comes the plastic box again.