Q & A – What’s In Stuart’s Handbag?

Photo Wayne Martin

We all know most women can’t do without a handbag but Stuart Dobson says manbags should be every millennial male’s accessory.

Stuart and his partner in business and life, Elton Raitt, own the unique and kinky, Cafe Kaos in the heart of Pukekohe where you get the works and the quirks when it comes to fab food served in style.

They are also the entrepreneurs behind Whisk in King Street.

After first operating Cafe Kaos in Tuakau, the pair moved the popular retro eatery to Pukekohe five years ago where it quickly became a local favourite.

And, where Stuart and Elton have truly stamped their style.

With wardrobes to match their personalities we just had to ask:

What’s in your manbag Stuart?
I have a whole lot of essentials: My phone and card holder, lighters (you never know when you may need to start a fire), Panadol, Nuromol, Panadeine (you never know when pain kicks in), tissues, hand wipes and tattoo cream! Spare coins, lip balm, sunglasses
and reading glasses (to make sure that I am taking the right things for pain!) Pens, toothbrush and fluff!

Most importantly though, a baby bottle of bubbles (you never know when you may meet someone who needs to forget their world for half an hour!)

Do you prefer a small or large bag?
Smallish, too big and one tends to fill it with crap! However, I have several styles.

Do you have a favourite style/brand?
Oh no, I’m not a style queen but since you ask; Calvin Klein, skinny jeans and brogues! Ties and shirts and denim! Doc Martens, Converse and tarten scarves!

Oh, did you mean bags?

What items are likely to be found in your bag at any one time (and/or at any special time) normal or otherwise?
As above but on special occasions, you may find a sneaky pack of ciggies (social only, you understand) and if it’s a night out, always a clean t shirt!

What can’t you leave home without having in your bag?
Lip balm! Cracked lips are seriously horrid!

What’s in there that you don’t really need?
To be truthful, everything!

What’s the most embarrassing/funny thing to fall out of your bag?
I really couldn’t say! This is a family publication!

An afterthought! I like my bags! I have a selection, ones that generally fit the manbag style.

I like mixing and matching outfit to bag! It is an important accessory for the modern man.