Win! A GO Healthy winter warrior’s pack

Good sports come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And, because, even off field, we could all use a little protection, GO Healthy as assembled this top squad to help ensure we’re prepared to tackle life head on:

GO Immune Protect: the first line of defence, this player helps shore up our immunity and the body’s natural bacterial balance so we’re ready to tackle germs head on – RRP $29.90 (30 caps) or $48.90 (60s)

GO Vita-C: half time oranges can be invigorating but why wait until then for a healthy dose of vitamin C. GO Vita-C comes in orange and blackcurrant flavours and its low acid formula means it’s teeth-friendly, especially important for your littlest players – RRP $12.90 (50 tabs), $19.90 (100s) or $29.90 (200s)

GO Olive Leaf: even when we’re on the back foot, it’s not Olive-over until the final whistle. GO Olive Leaf helps us fight off colds even when they’re hot on attack – RRP $29.90 (30 caps) or $46.90 (60s)

GO VIR-Defence: sometimes even the best defensive efforts aren’t enough to stop the opposition breaking through. That’s where this little champ steps in. Loaded with olive leaf extract, garlic and Echinacea, GO VIR-Defence is designed to help us spring back no matter how hard we’re hit – RRP $29.90 (30 caps), $48.90 (60s)

Rural Living have one prize pack (valued at more than $80) which features all four of these star players to give away.

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One entry per person/email address; entries close August 31, 2017. Winners notified by phone or email.

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