Thursday 22nd February 2018
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It may only take two to make a dream come true, but it takes generations to turn a sleepy slice of North Waikato into a thriving town called Tuakau. This month, Tuakau is the talk of our towns as we take a closer look at this community's past, present and future.

Now and then and back again

Much like the winding river which runs through it – or near enough! – Tuakau has more than just a few twists in its...

Our Tuakau…Today and tomorrow

Tuakau is an awesome place to settle in. During the 24 years I have lived here, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to move

Remarkable History Told

When the new Ngai Tai E Rua Marae whare moe in Tuakau was formally dedicated in April this year it was as if the...

Back to the Future

In 2014, Rural Living profiled one of our region’s most interesting history buffs. While a few more years may have been added to Tuakau’s history...

Down Tuakau’s memory lane

I read recently how the ‘powers that be’ predict Tuakau will become the area’s biggest town before too long. This made me recall growing...



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Win! Cricket Outlaws by Austin Robertson

Helmets, white balls, coloured clothing and (even worse) professional players? It’s just not cricket! Except it is, thanks to an Aussie mogul who dared challenge those who ran the ‘gentleman’s game.’ In this book, former...